Thursday, December 1, 2011

progress report: building the first floor part deux

yesterday björn worked with mario (one of our favorite go to guys) to get the floor joists all ready for our warmboard to arrive today.  the i-joists that make up the structure of the floor are pretty cool, they are a manufactured wood product and because of the design they are able to carry a large load over a long distance while using a lot less wood when compared to a traditional wood joist.

this i-joist system runs east-west on our foundation footprint, and while the joists could span the entire 35' of the main house or the 30' of the greatroom house, in order to make our first floor super sturdy and stable we built those cute little pony walls seen here.

björn & mario laid up our joists 16" on center across the foundation.  these were nailed into the sill plates and pony walls, after making sure they were straight and squared.  after they guys put up all of the joists, they added the rim board- which is another manufactured wood product.  i kind of view this as the wrapping for the i-joists, it simply frames in the joists and will allow everything to stack neatly on top of the floor system.

i-joists on their sides getting ready to trim to length

here is what our crawl space looks like now

björn and mario nailing in the joists

looking at the rim board

everything is so straight and beautiful

i am so thrilled that everything is perfectly straight and lined up- if you know me at all you know that i am a little crazed about straightness and symmetry and i am happy to say we are ready for the warmboard to arrive!

** side note:  i am hoping that björn will have something extra special to share tomorrow morning!  i can't tell you exactly what it is but it has something to do with reviewing what we have completed thus far and let me tell you its going to be pretty awesome!

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