Friday, December 16, 2011

progress report: its FRIDAY

yesterday was a day of small goals with very important results to prepare us for the weekend ahead.  björn and mario worked on headers and a few other SIP panels while glen readied the main section of the house for the second story to be rolled out today.

we also hoisted a huge interior structural wall which gave the great room all four walls.  i plan on doing a follow up post later this evening so that you can see just what we got done today and what the plan for the weekend is.

the south wall of the great room

björn and glen working on the top plates of the first floor SIP panels

our giant great room wall, this is a structural wall which will carry the roof panels 

raising the wall

i look like im lifting a lot- but really i had the light end 

making sure the wall is perfectly straight and level

a view of the house from across the river

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