Sunday, December 25, 2011

merry christmas: from our HOME to yours!

Thank you to everyone who has supported the project thus far.  We appreciate all of your kind words and encouragement and wish you all a very Happy Holiday!

 Whitney and Björn

Thursday, December 22, 2011

progress report: wednesday

it was a cold day but also a very productive day.  think about this for a second, we received the first SIP panels only 10 days ago (see it here) and already we have a house fully framed, insulated and sheathed.  we also have all of the window openings framed and ready for window installation.

today we welcomed a new member to our crew- matt.  he has already proven himself to be a huge asset to the project.  while mario, björn and pilar worked on the douglas fir beams matt trimmed and built headers for the smaller upstairs windows, nailed all of the top plates for the second floor SIPs and started think about the stair layout.

björn and the guys were able to install the front porch beam as well as the loft beam and they also put on the peak SIP panels for the smaller house as well as the stair well!

i am flying out today (thursday) to go home to maryland for the holidays and i am certainly going to miss being here at the project, but i am also looking forward to a little break.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

monday and tuesday recap

they tell me a picture is worth a thousand words so here they are......

dave delivering our roof panels

our beautiful 60 year old douglas fir beams from boeing building II

see i do work!

putting up the stair well walls

another snowy day- room with a view

working on the kitchen beam

putting the locals to work

getting ready to raise the beam

pilar roping a big one

a glamour shot of the wall 

one big piece of wood

our puzzle is finally together


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

monday night

today was a good day on the job site, we got a lot done!  the roof panels showed up as did the huge timbers as we thought.  we also decided to have an early christmas dinner with björn's parents and i drank a lot of wine and am waaaaaaay to tired to write a blog post tonight so you will have to wait til mid-morning to see what we accomplished monday!

stay tuned!

our christmas menu

beef gravy
green beans with toasted pecans 
roasted new potatoes
homemade cranberry relish
creamed onions


Monday, December 19, 2011

weekend update

happy monday morning- the sun is still shining here in Durango and temperatures we beautiful all weekend.  saturday was a very productive day with mario, pilar, and björn working hard to get the second floor system completed and ready for panels.

warmboard on the second floor

the same system was used for the second floor as seen here on the first floor.  i-joists were laid up on the tops of the first floor sip panels with some spanning the entire 35' and others being supported by the first floor structural walls that björn and i built a little while back as seen here.  rim board finished the edge of the second floor and then the same warm board product was applied with floor adhesive and 16d nails (all this refers to is the length of the nail- they are 3.25")

the view from the top

mario and pilar then applied the same 2x8 nailing plates to the perimeter of the second floor, which the sip panels sit down on.

putting on the nailing plates

björn and i worked on building the rear wall of the great room.  this piece is quite the puzzle because of all of the windows that are in this wall, and the fact that this wall is supporting the ridge beam which supports the roof.  this simply means there is a lot of lumber that we have to fit into the panels to give enough support for this wall.  we actually have taken a few days to figure out this wall and it is now finally all ready to hoist up sometime tomorrow.

working on our puzzle

other things we worked on this weekend- cleaning up the site- again!  this is a continuing project and sometimes feels like we can never keep up but björn and i made a pretty big dent and the site looks wonderful now and ready for the week.

our roof panels are supposed to be showing up on the tractor trailer today along with the old douglas fir beams that we bought from San Juan Timber Rights.  these beams should be beautiful and i can't wait to photograph them and share them with you.

looking down on the great room

proud parents of the house

the second floor is complete

big windows in the lower level bedroom

raising the stairwell walls

the second floor panels are up top and ready to rock!

the puzzle coming together- we hope to get it up monday

grandma shirley getting a lift to the second floor

photos via shirley hargraves and whitney warner

Friday, December 16, 2011

progress report: its FRIDAY

yesterday was a day of small goals with very important results to prepare us for the weekend ahead.  björn and mario worked on headers and a few other SIP panels while glen readied the main section of the house for the second story to be rolled out today.

we also hoisted a huge interior structural wall which gave the great room all four walls.  i plan on doing a follow up post later this evening so that you can see just what we got done today and what the plan for the weekend is.

the south wall of the great room

björn and glen working on the top plates of the first floor SIP panels

our giant great room wall, this is a structural wall which will carry the roof panels 

raising the wall

i look like im lifting a lot- but really i had the light end 

making sure the wall is perfectly straight and level

a view of the house from across the river


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