Thursday, December 22, 2011

progress report: wednesday

it was a cold day but also a very productive day.  think about this for a second, we received the first SIP panels only 10 days ago (see it here) and already we have a house fully framed, insulated and sheathed.  we also have all of the window openings framed and ready for window installation.

today we welcomed a new member to our crew- matt.  he has already proven himself to be a huge asset to the project.  while mario, björn and pilar worked on the douglas fir beams matt trimmed and built headers for the smaller upstairs windows, nailed all of the top plates for the second floor SIPs and started think about the stair layout.

björn and the guys were able to install the front porch beam as well as the loft beam and they also put on the peak SIP panels for the smaller house as well as the stair well!

i am flying out today (thursday) to go home to maryland for the holidays and i am certainly going to miss being here at the project, but i am also looking forward to a little break.

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