Monday, December 12, 2011

mid-day report: the SIPS have landed

things are crazy here today but i thought i would update you mid-day with what has been going on.  our SIP panels have arrived and so has the snow- and while we are big fans of snow and snow sports and everything snow, we are not welcoming this storm

but what can go wrong will it seems and the snow is here for the next day and a half so we will just have to deal with it. i'll have more for you tomorrow morning and you can see just how fast these panels go up in spite of the snowy weather!

thanks for getting here faster Big Sky Insulations

björn's christmas present!

thats our house on a truck- minus the roof panels

we rented a sky trak from our neighbor, martin, of hawkeye builders inc
for unloading the panels

unloading the house

björn and another big machine

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