Thursday, December 15, 2011

progress report: the great room is pretty great

yesterday the weather finally broke and we saw the sun again, the temperature even warmed up to a balmy 45 degrees, very pleasant working weather.  björn was out there with his crew, mario and glen working very hard to meet our goal for the day.  we wanted to complete the south wall of the great room and to finish a few of the headers in areas we build in the last two days.  we also worked on cleaning up the site, spreading hay to mitigate some of the mud and mess.  it has been a goal of ours to keep our work site very clean and organized because a clean site is a safe site! sounds cheesy, i know, but it is true, and we can't afford to have anyone get hurt

we are also happy to have björn's grandparents, bob and shirley, visiting this week.  most of the photos below were taken by shirley, she is one of the best people to document events so i am so thankful she is here to help take some great photos.

the front of the house

"SUPER" Mario

Leaning up the first panel in the south great room wall

the front of the greatroom

Glen working hard

Ellie May (Glen's dog) keeps watch

the great room is our stage

the south wall is nearly complete

finishing up a few large headers

on the docket for thursday-  finish up a few panels and then start laying up the second floor.  we are really hoping to have all of the walls up by saturday and so far so good!

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