big plans overview

so if you are clicking on this page you are curious about what this blog is all about so here is the low down...

we are designing a house in durango, colorado.  björn's mom owns the land in town, on the river.  she has owned this property for many years & before that her mother owned the land.  she is awesome enough to let us realize our dreams of designing & building a home.

however, here is the catch-- we aren't going to live in the house when it is complete, björn's job is too far away & right now durango seems a little bit small for us.  but no biggie, björn's mom & step-dad may live in the finished abode or we may decide that renting the little house on the river is the best option.  either way, we are the architects, interior designers, and general contractors of this project.

it is sure to be a crazy few months, with its share of frustrations & arguments im sure but hopefully, in the end we will have a home that we can say we built, from top to bottom & that makes us smile :)

a little bit about durango- it is a small town nestled in the san juan mountains, home to ft. lewis college and durango mountain ski resort.  durango also boasts one of the few reamining narrow gauge railroads in the country which travels from downtown durango to silverton, colorado several times daily.  here are a few awesome photos of durango, colorado.  its is a great little town and if you haven't been you should get out here, we could use your help!

Downtown Durango

Durango Valley

Durango-Silverton Line
Animas River- Durango, CO via bidgepix's at flickr


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