Wednesday, November 30, 2011

products galore: A Toasty Floor for Camping

Photo by Anna Wolf via Randi Brookman Harris
we can't think of anything better than waking up on a cold winter morning and putting your bare feet down onto a toasty warm floor.  so we are using a product called warmboard to heat the entire house.  warmboard is a radiant heat panel that creates the subfloor.  it uses hot water running through a system of pex-aluminum-pex tubes in conjunction with a conductive aluminum panel to evenly heat under your finish floor (hardwood, tile, etc)

radiant heat has been around for a long while, however warmboard has some really awesome features that we love.  unlike other radiant heat systems warmboard responds quickly due to its highly conductive panel and its low thermal mass.  other systems use concrete as the conductor which heats slowly and cannot respond to temperature changes throughout the day.  and unlike forced air their are no air registers to see, and no hot air blowing to dry out your skin.  you are also saving energy by not heating your ceilings which leaves your feet chilled, because we all know warm air rises.

Warmboard Explained

so what if you aren't building a new home but would still like the comfort of radiant heat?  bathrooms are a great place to start and warmboard has a new product that is thinner and can be used in renovation situations its called warmboard- r panel 

our warmboard is arriving tomorrow and it should be a breeze to install these panels on top of our floor joists!  it is exciting to think that in just a few days not only will our sub-floor be in place but so will our heating system!

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  1. THAT is really cool! I would love that. My feet are always cold!!!



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