Wednesday, November 2, 2011

progress report: excavation

we have been busy bees the last week or so working on the excavation and foundation.  björn dug a very big hole with the back hoe in the approximate size of house.  we actually made the area slightly bigger to accomodate the concrete slab and still leave us room to walk around the perimeter.  after digging the hole it was time for compaction.  again our guys from carll construction worked with us to compact the entire area.  

the wacker compactor and mario using the remote to drive it around the excavation site

"3" minus" rock for compaction- all of these rocks are less than 3"
this makes up the first layer of compaction

watching the compactor

doesn't it look like some kind of star wars machine!

halloween candy for the guys

a good view of the excavation site
we also went to the lumber yard to buy some of the items we are going to need for the foundation.  björn and i were surprised to find our trailer decorated in all of falls glory!  we are using Alpine Lumber in durango for a lot of building supply needs.  they had everything we needed, rebar, 2 x 6's for the pony walls and 2 x 8's to make the concrete forms.

our beautiful trailer

the lumber yard

after each layer of compaction trautner geo tech came to do a compaction test

we were required to have at least a 90% compaction rate across the foundation area.
this machine goes into the ground and two radio active materials in the tip of the wand can
sense the density of the soils.

up next:

wednesday:  setting all the rebar and forming up the edge of the foundation

thursday: our first inspection by the city of all of the rebar, hopefully we can pour the slab as well

friday: taking care of the concrete- keeping it warm :)

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