Monday, November 21, 2011

progress report: monday

mondays used to be such a drag but now i look forward to all of the projects that we are going to complete on the house during the week.  its still a little hard getting up for 7 am yoga on monday mornings but when i return home i am ready to get to work on the project.

now that we have our foundation complete the building process will start to happen a little more quickly, we hope.  we are going to be building the first floor this week- which involves building poney walls in the crawl space and then laying up sill plates and the floor joists.  we will also be water proofing the foundation and getting ready to back fill.  our friends at  Carll Construction will be working on getting the permitting to dig up our street to install the water and sewer lines.  this is definitely an aspect of the project that björn and i cannot take on ourselves so we are thankful for the help.

i thought i would share a few photos of another project we were managing during all of the other work we have been doing on our house project.  björn's grandmother, the one with the awesome apartment that we stay in, here, has a rental property in durango that need a new deck built.  here is the finished product!

this week is thanksgiving but we are planning on working right on thru the holiday, only taking a break to stuff our faces with turkey and pumpkin pie!  ciao

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  1. You are a busy bee! I'm sure the 7am yoga helps you to get through the day. I am thoroughly impressed with you, Whit!



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