Wednesday, November 23, 2011

progress report: finishing up the foundation

one of the challenges we faced because of our decision to use Insulated Concrete Forms to build our stem walls was what to do where the foundation is above ground.  we planned on having about 6" of the foundation above the ground level however, if you recall the ICF's have foam on the exterior.  

we could have applied a finish to the foam however, this would leave us with a small ledge where the "house" sits on the foundation.  in order to avoid this problem we removed 8" of the foam from the stem walls, exposing the concrete wall behind.  this worked out well- but now we were faced with the problem of the plastic bracing built in to the ICFs being exposed as well.

in order to cleanly cover the entire area that will be above ground we had some colored metal flashing made.  this was simply a piece of metal with a 2" flange a 90 degree bend and an 8" flange.  this we tacked all around the perimeter of the foundation.  the sill plate will sit on top of this flashing.

the flashing around the corner of the stemwall-
and our beautiful water-proofing job

we also water proofed the entire foundation using a peel and stick water proofing product called Tamko TW-60, it is a rubberized asphalt product designed for below grade applications. our foundation is going to be super dry and that makes us excited.

what also makes us excited is the fact that our guys are back and working hard to clean up the site.  they are putting down a foundation drain with gravel on top and eventually will be back filling the hole around the foundation to bring everything up to ground level.  it will be nice to have the dirt under control!

the drain pipe will direct water away from our foundation

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