Friday, September 16, 2011

progress report: rain rain go away

so much has happened that i haven't had time to post in the last few days so here is an update on most of what is going on:

it has been raining here off and on for days, it is seriously confusing to me.  i thought durango was technically a desert.  right now it feels more like juneau, alaska.  the rain, the cold & the fact that i can see mountains with fresh snow is a little unnerving however, I just read in the paper that this is the end of the rain & we should have a dry mild fall, perfect building weather!

the rain has made moving into our new home a little difficult & muddy, & it has made björn's job clearing the land not so super awesome.  however, he has had some great help the last few days.  we hired doc ricketts tree service to fell a large tree that was in danger of some day falling on our new house (that would not be cool) & to prune a few of the bigger limbs around the property.  then björn & our new friend, roger cleared the land of all the debris using our new trailer we pick up in farmington, nm on tuesday.

other news, we turned in the plans to the city & lucky for us they didn't seem too busy so we expect a quick turn around on a permit.  (as long as they don't have any problems with our plans)  we have moved into the airstream, but im not finished making it home.  i will definitely do an entire post dedicated to casper the friendly airstream!

here are photos of the land then & now:

filled with trees

lilac bushes along the south side of the property

Björn using a backhoe to move boulders and tree roots

our new trailer- kiwi

roger and björn loading up with branches

still a lot of big boulders but the excavators will take care of that

our river view- imagine some awesome landscaping

the narrow gauge train going by 

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  1. I'm so impressed! Ps IN LOVE with the train!



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