Wednesday, September 21, 2011

products galore: SIPs built this house part II

today björn and i went to visit a house up the valley that is building with SIPs.  Mark Yerbic from Big Sky is also the rep for this home and he invited us up to come check out the process of installing SIPs.  We were there a total of maybe an hour and in that time the framing, insulation and sheathing of about 20 feet of wall went up, including a window header for a fairly large window.  this is possible because all of these processes are streamlined and built right into the panels.  seeing the product in action really made us both super excited and confident about building our house.

here are a few photos that i took today at the job site.  thanks to mark yerbic for inviting us and to keith olinger for letting us check out his house!

some of the SIP panels staged and ready to go

edge of a SIP with space for the spline
preparing the SIP spline with mastic and 2 x 6 
putting up a small SIP panel

adding the window header

me nailing the SIP in place

putting up a large wall section

making sure it is level- its in place!

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