Wednesday, September 7, 2011

big plans: we did it

over the long weekend we moved most of our stuff down to durango.  we are getting settled in, familiarizing ourselves with the town again & looking for companies we will need to work with once construction gets underway.  it feels great to finally be here, like the project is really happening!  

our temporary home is bjorn's mom, kathleen's house.  we will be here for a few days until she & her husband, jerry, get back from a trip with our awesome new digs...a 14' airstream trailer!  i can't wait until we get to move in & i can decorate!! 

sherman the land cruiser in front of the property


  1. abbie...i am so psyched to be here but def. bummed i won't be in md to see your little one as soon as she is born!



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