Friday, September 9, 2011

happy weekend: birthday bash

this weekend is björn's birthday!  i hope he won't mind but turning 33 is a big deal and we both think 3 is a lucky number so double luck for him, and boy are we going to need it!  we are turning in the drawing set on monday to the building department in durango, so wish us luck that everything goes smoothly!

as for birthday celebrations- i ordered a cake from dairy queen.  now i didn't grow up with dairy queen but björn did and for four years now he has requested an ice cream cake for his birthday.  well, being the worst girl friend in the world i am just now fulfilling his wish, but each of the last three years there have been extenuating circumstances- i swear!  not that i didn't make the effort  just look at this cake i made two years ago and drove from washington dc all the way to nyc to meet björn for his b-day!  see....

i have forgotten what the cake actually was but i know it was yummy!
  bjorn doesn't really like sweet icing so the frosting is whipped cream topped with fresh strawberries!

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