Thursday, September 22, 2011

inspiring spaces: living in a van down by the river

for days now we have told all of the excavators, concrete workers and other contractors that come over to look at the site that we are living in a van down by the river... well Casper is not quite a van.  he is a 16' bambi edition airstream trailer.  it is camping but luxury camping, and we couldn't ask for a better spot!

björn's mom and step-dad bought the airstream a few years ago and lived in him full time in alaska, over a winter.  they have since used the airstream to travel around the country visting friends and going on some fun camping adventures.  

we have Casper set up on the north part of the property, we can see the river from our "bedroom" window and we have almost every amenity.  the airstream has a nice sized refrigerator, three burner gas stove, a microwave/convection over, surround sound stereo, tv and dvd player.  it also has a shower and a toilet, but björn and i have vowed not to use these features, it just means having to move Casper and dump him, plus there is something a little funny about using the bathroom 12" from your bed.

however, we are fully enjoying living in the airstream, it is acting as a combination home and construction trailer!  i have been adding my own little touches here and there and I plan to do a little more but here is Casper as he looks now!

Our little bed- I found the wool pillow from a thrift store here in town,
the Ralph Lauren plaid blanket is Björn's and the orange wool blanket is from our trip to Austria last year.

The dining area- horse blanket on bench is from the Basin Coop Feed Store in Durango,
the moose candle holder is Björn's.

The kitchen area.

Our bedroom view!

The refrigerator and flat screen tv! Another horse blanket as a rug!

My closet- smaller than even a NYC closet but it works!

The bathroom vanity!

Casper's floor plan!

I need to work on our outdoor patio space and to add more personal touches! as I make improvements i will add more photos, but for now Casper is home!

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