Wednesday, February 22, 2012

products galore: hardwood floors

 we are the luckiest people in the world, and maybe the most spoiled people we know.  the flooring in our entire house is essentially going to be beautiful solid cherry hardwood.  i know, sounds extravagant and expensive.  well is wasn't cheap to be sure, but it wasn't really anymore than buying an engineered hardwood from home depot, we got the deal of the century.  i just looked at prices for engineered hardwood on home depot, they range from a low of about $3.00 to a high of $8.00.  and solid hardwood generally starts around $3.85 for very thin plank stuff and goes up from there.  cherry hardwood floors...forget about it, most of the cherry out there is brazilian cherry which doesn't seem very sustainable to us.

we actually purchased our cherry floors a year before we even had a house design.  we had another house designed that we were going to build in a different location, that all fell through but we still had a deposit on about 2000 sf of flooring from Hull Forest Products in pomfret, CT.  so if you are like me you are thinking connecticut is a long way from colorado, and it is, however, we really liked the way that this particular company works.  they have been dedicated to using trees from sustainably, and responsibly managed forests.  all of their wood is local to the new england area, no brazilian jojoba here,  and Hull offers management of private lands to ensure that all the forests are preserved for future generations. plus like i said we got the deal of a lifetime!

we are getting a wide plank floor for about $4.85 a square foot.

beautifully wide plank cherry

we will have wood in our baths as well- with tile in the wet areas

our cherry will have some knots to give it that farmhouse look

a serious glamor shot of our premium cherry hardwood

Hull Forest Products has many other species of wood and also sells wood timbers, lumber, and wood chips, nothing goes to waste! They are always running specials on certain products so check out their sale page!

photos via hull forest products

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