Thursday, February 2, 2012

snowdown 2012

thats right snowdown!, voted one of the five best winter carnivals in north america by outside magazine. every year mid-winter this five day festival of all things ridiculous comes to town.  it is a time for the people of durango to show their true goofy-selves and this year the theme is "Once Upon A Snowdown"  the festivities started on wednesday with activities such as the build your own fairy castle contest, held at our local bank, the finish the fairy tale event at the Rochester Hotel bar and the Little Jack Horner Pie Eating Contest.  these events continue through Sunday night with activities ranging from the tame and cute, canine fashion show and kids snow games, to the raunchy follies show at the famous Strater Hotel and the many many drinking games and parties held around town.

i am really excited to be here for my first snowdown and i am trying to get together my costume for the main events friday and saturday nights.  (pictures are sure to follow)  snowdown even has an official beer brewed by our local ska brewing  called "Faeries Wear Boots Gingerbread Brown Ale", which I am told is a reference to a Black Sabbath song but I wouldn't know anything about that.  i am thinking maybe my costume will play off of this.  and maybe björn should be "prince un-charming"

so for the next couple of days Björn and i are going to try getting to a few of the day events while still making some progress on the house.

front view 
i thought i would post some new photos of the exterior of the project.   a friendly reminder that what we have looks like a house- which is so incredibly exciting i can hardly stand it!  see you later fairies!

hope you didn't forget about our rock wall-
its our very own snowdown castle complete with moat!

for more information on snowdown go here or here!

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