Tuesday, February 21, 2012

products galore: epic faucet

björn and i scored big time a couple of weekends ago.  we discovered this great warehouse here in durango that a local contractor has started to sell salvaged building materials.  he not only has some very interesting things he has amazing prices as well.  well we were poking around looking at a lot of stuff speculating out loud at how useful and cool many of his items are.  he has a super cool vintage ice box that was salvaged from an old durango liquor store, lots of old timbers and several interesting sinks and fixtures.

suddenly both of us zeroed in on a lone faucet sitting on a shelf.  immediately i thought to myself, this is way cool.  i could just tell from the construction and the material that it was high quality and as soon as i touched it björn said "yes, how much?!"  the guy must have also recognized that this was something worth a little bit of money so while most of the other fixtures and items he was selling for $10 or $15 he said that he would take $75.00 for this faucet.  a huge price jump from his other merchandise but björn and i knew that it would be worth it so we said we would take it!

so here it is:

the porcelain handles work perfectly

björn and i both recognized this was a high design faucet

me being very curious went immediately on the internet when we got home and did a quick little search for this french faucet.  and to my surprise i found it, the company Herbeau, is still producing this product and had we wanted to buy it for our house we would have to pay : $1,113.00 plus taxes and shipping I would imagine!  and we got it for $75.00!  i would say thats a pretty good deal, we would NEVER spend that much money on a faucet, we may dream, but that is outrageous.  lucky for us someone in Telluride, where this faucet was salvaged from, thought nothing of ripping it out during their renovations.  just to prove it to you here is a screen shot from the Herbeau website:

we plan on using this fixture for the island prep sink, i think it will look amazing as you walk into the kitchen and i think it ties into that clean lines farmhouse look we are going for.  now we just have to find the rest of the faucets for the house which may be hard now that we have to live up to beauty!

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