Monday, March 26, 2012

im sorry... and plumbing

im sorry 
i have been neglectful of this blog and i feel so bad about it.  when i last left you björn and i were relaxing on ambergris caye, belize.  it was a trip filled with relaxing, book reading and eating some very very good local food.  i finished up my scuba certification and completed four dives.  i am super stoked to be a certified open water diver and it was very exciting on the reefs off of ambergris caye.  we saw a hammerhead shark and plenty of sea turtles and sting rays!

we have been back for about three weeks now but for about two and a half of those weeks i have been battling bronchitis or some type of coughing sickness.  that hasn't kept the project on hold things have picked back up around here and i have a TON to update on over the next few days.

one of the things we have been working on is plumbing.  björn and matt ran all of the water supply lines using aqua pex tubing.  this is an amazing advancement in plumbing over the old copper pipes.  copper as you may know makes up the pipes which bring hot and cold water to most homes in the us.  however, that is all changing very quickly as plumbers begin to use aqua pex- a plastic flexible tubing that is super safe and very easy to use.  no more soldering copper pipes together!

we chose to do a "home run" type installation for the pex supply pipe.  this means that each fixture that is being delivered water ( toilet, sink, etc) has a pipe running all the way "home" back to the manifold.  and because the tubing is flexible it makes running all of this pipe super easy.

these pipes will carry hot and cold water throughout the house

all of the pipes run back to the crawlspace

björn organizing the crazy tubing in the crawl space

the tool on the ground is a pex expander tool which is used to
fit the plastic tubing to the manifold

the tool expands the plastic just long enough to put the tube on a a fitting;
it then contracts back down to create a tight seal

the hot water manifold has all of the hot water supply pipes running back to it;
the manifold will control the delivery of hot water

the finished hot and cold manifolds in the crawlspace

there is some much to update you on so expect many more posts this week!



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