Tuesday, August 23, 2011

tracks to work by: sweet tides

working on drawings tonight, found this video of one of my favorite thievery corporation songs.  too bad it is not the awesome video that played in the background of their january 2009 tour.  bjorn and i went to the show at the 930 club in washington dc and both of us were entranced by the beautiful film of a couple riding a motorcycle through the streets of paris during this song! c'est la vie~ 

i like this video too however, especially since it looks like it is filmed in the western united states--durango is a high desert, as bjorn so often reminds me when i am asking about weather proofing- so i thought it was somewhat appropriate!

i think i will download thievery corporation's newest album culture of fear tonight to keep me focused!

"sweet tides" from Radio Retaliation 

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