Wednesday, August 24, 2011

big plans: getting ready to go to colorado

björn is off working, flying around the country somewhere, & i have returned to dc to get ready for colorado.  for the past few months we have spent time in the solitude & beauty of vermont working on the house plans but now we need to be out in durango full time. 

i got back to dc on monday night & i am now busy packing up things we will need in durango.  including all of our architecture books, material samples & of course my clothes!  i am also trying to see some of our dc friends as well as visit some of my family that live in maryland.

in saying goodbye to dc/maryland i decided to take some photos of the beautiful room that björn and i have lived in off and on for the last 3 years.  this is in the apartment of his amazing grandmother in a lovely little spot called sumner village.   it is a beautiful little enclave only steps from the district line.

our room is a showcase for grandma's collection of native american and southwestern art.  we have added our own little touches over the last three years & we are super sad to leave it for the next few months. here are a few photos that i took this morning that i hope you enjoy!

Native American rugs, masks & prints.

A dark picture of our beautiful forest view.  The White House is only 6 miles from this!!

An "Indian" lamp, I made those coasters using balsa wood & the laser cutter at my old job!

A sweet little painting by my Grandfather, Elwood

Cookbook shelf; vintage lighters & purfume bottle from Venice.

Björn's dishes he picked up in Italy.

Travel books!

Björn's favorite car- Karhmann Ghia, a gift from me.

Really cool papier mache mask- Kermit likes it!

Some cool objects on the window sill.

An old soap box I purchased at an estate sale.
It holds our books, magazines, etc & fits wonderfully under the window.

Some of our favorite books, wine from a trip to Hop Kiln, & beer from a trip to Austria.

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