Tuesday, August 30, 2011

big plans: foyer-hall design

today we are ready to introduce another part of the plan for the house.  the foyer is supposed to be your first impression of the home right?  yet, i know a lot of people who almost never used their "front door".  still we wanted our entrance to be special and mostly we wanted a kick-ass stair as part of the whole foyer/hall space.

in our design a visitor might enter the home from the front of the house, up a cute little walk way. (unsure if this is a brick walk or pavers or something else entirely- use your imagination!)  a covered front porch with a light blue beadboard ceiling will greet you before you enter our house.  this may be the only thing that björn has said he must have on the porch so the blue ceiling is definitely happening the rest is yet to be determined.

now the door...i was planning on doing a whole post on the subject of the front door because we don't know what we want, so just imagine something awesome. you open the door and you are in the foyer. in front of you are two doors one to the first floor bath the other to the hall closet, to the left is the "grand stair" with light streaming in from the kitchen, the stair well and the small window over the built in bench to your right.

and that is pretty much it...we have designed the layout but other than that its just ideas.... i know we want cool light fixtures, a pretty chest or console table greeting you.  we are planning the built in bench on one wall and the doors to the bathroom and the hall closet will be of the beautiful panelled sort.

the stair has to be beautiful as it is seen from the front door as well as the awesome view from the kitchen. i want it to have a very simple design but still feel very elegant.  i think the space in front of the stair is great, it is roomy and will have light from the kitchen as well as from the windows on the landing of the stair.  i can imagine another chest or a chair in this area!

here are some photos of foyers & halls that we admire.  we would love to be able to incorporate some really interesting details in this space, it will be fun to see what we come up with!

i like the railing on this stair & the art placement is nice via Casa Cullen

this stair is so simple & so elegant via Amy D Morris Interiors

i love the bench in this photo & the ceiling treatment is great- via A Life's Design

another great stair with another great bench via Roost

thom filicia's stair, i love the chair set-up via Habitually Chic

how adorable is this little hall set up via Tumblr

a cute little sitting area via Cottage Living

i love the brick entry way & the wall panelling via Amy D Morris Interiors

i really love the feel of this space & the eclectic mix of things in it via House Beautiful

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