Wednesday, April 11, 2012

progress report: fiber cement siding

a few days ago i wrote about the second type of siding that we are using on our house.  our artisan hardie board has been rearing to go and i have been so eager to see it go up and see the contrast with the barn wood.  the trim around all of the windows, and the edges of the house go up first so that the lapped siding can butt against it.  our trim details are very simple, i wanted to frame the house with the wide 5.5" trim all the way around, and we added a second 3.5" piece at the top of the walls on the gable ends and sides.  this creates a really awesome shadow line.

the pictures really tell the story so here they are!

this photo shows the sill that we created using the hardie trim

the edges of the house are trimmed with 5.5" planks and the bottom
trim is made up of a 5.5" piece with a 1.5" sill trim. 

the boys started putting up the siding and i am really loving those shadow lines!

the great room window wall has a lot of trim
which will emphasize all of that beautiful glass!

a cool view of the bottom trim

a close up of the siding

as you can see the standing seam roof is finished- more on that soon!

the hardie board is going up much faster than the barn wood so i should have more photos soon! now i just have to decide the exact color to paint this stuff!

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