Monday, April 16, 2012

products galore: lighting selections

its pretty exciting that björn and i get to pick out everything for our house.  lighting is certainly something that we both are acutely aware of where ever we go and we wanted to make sure that all of our lighting selections were classic. that last thing we want is to look at a fixture 10 years from now and say "that is so 2012"  the elements that we looked for when making our lighting choices were elements of classic design, some kind of industrial feel and simple clean lines.  i think all of these fixtures have these qualities and will stand the test of time.  while we are still tweaking our selections most of these are a go!

the Julian from Pottery Barn

two of these fixtures will grace the foyer hall.  because of our 8'-0" ceiling height we wanted to choose a flush mount fixture to maximize the clearance in that area.  i love the Julian because of the beautiful hand-blown seeded glass and the simple diamond pattern in a soft bronze finish.

lantern from durango light art

we like this lantern light for the stairwell, it has classic design.  we plan on using led chandelier bulbs which are a little more expensive up front but are said to last 20 years!
vanity light from durango's light art

this vanity light will look great flanking the bathroom mirror, the chrome finish will match the bathroom fixtures and the simplicity of design is just perfect!

industrial pulley light from durango's light art or decor interiors

this very cool pulley light would look excellent in the great room.  i thought since it is a wall sconce it would look best positioned over one of the end tables next to the sofa.  we love the industrial feel as well as the vintage vibe!

morovian star pendant via shop greige

two of these pendant will hang from the giant beam in the great room.  björn has been enamored with this light since the beginning of the project however it took a while to find the perfect example.  this particular fixture we love for many reasons, it is very sleek and clean, with beautiful bronze welded points and clear glass.  we also love the 20" diameter size.

hubbardton forge simple sweep chandelier

for the dining room we chose this contemporary take on a classic design.  with six graceful arms this light will look beautiful over our dining room table.  i also love that it is hand forged in vermont one of my favorite places.

Calhoun Glass Pendant via Pottery Barn
this is a potential for the kitchen fixtures over the island.  we both like this fixture but aren't completely sold.  we are still searching but this is still in the running.

for our other kitchen lighting we are installing two cable light tracks from tech lighting.  it will allow us to focus lighting on different areas of the kitchen and we love how it kind of disappears.  we especially like that we can add extra lighting as needed, say if we add a piece of art in the kitchen.  

hello light from tech lighting

björn and i really love this light because it can swivel 140 degrees and the giro light below can actually swivel 360 degrees.  tech lighting also has some fun lights that we could add in the future including this parachute man!

giro light from tech lighting

parachute man 

there are still a few fixtures to pick out light outdoor lights but i'll leave that for another post!  let me know what you think about our choices!

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