Tuesday, October 18, 2011

big plans: the second floor

i have yet to show you all of the plans for this house.  you have seen the kitchen here, and the foyer and great rooms, here and here, however there is a whole second floor waiting to be explored.  the main reason for not having shown you this space until now is that i haven't even begun to narrow down what these rooms are going to be like.  i have so many ideas floating around in my head, some of them outrageous, others seem too tame and "boring".  we just don't know exactly what direction these rooms will take.

to get to the second floor you must asend our beautiful stair, which you saw here.  this area has light coming from three sides, so it should be a very dynamic space, paired with the high ceilings of the second floor it will be quite dramatic..(.err we hope).  upstairs are two bedrooms and a bath.  the rooms are open and spacious with soaring ceilings just begging to have some decorative element applied to them, but what?  rustic, hand-hewn beams, beaded board and beautiful trim work?  we just don't know!

the bathroom is another story!  we decided that the bathroom will be a little quirky.  as you can see in the plan below, the bathroom is a long, narrow space.  it starts out with 6'6" ceiling height along the exterior wall and goes to about a 12' ceiling along the interior wall.  the soaking tub and shower will become one "room" that is completely tiled with a large skylight.  björn and i are thinking of this space as its own light box.  the rest of the bathroom will be tiled floor and some kind of wall treatment, again, don't ask me what but something awesome i assure you.

the second floor plan

i am working on tweaking the interior plans to add closet space to the master bedroom and the bath so this plan isn't exactly right but you get the picture.  the master bedroom looks over the river and will have some terrific views up the valley to the north.  the front room will get the morning light as well as some views to the north!  overall, i think either of these spaces will make beautiful bedrooms.  below are a few photos that are inspiring us right now, oh and any ideas are certainly welcome!

i love the simple 1x2 trim that frames out this vaulted ceiling

high panelling and a blue ceiling is always dreamy

i love this wood panelling, the wall color, the simple roman shade

hand hewn beams...humm

pickled oak panelling with some mountain chic decor

i love the industrial look of these beams, and the rug and...

photos via house beautiful

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