Thursday, January 26, 2012

progress report: ive been lazy

i think both björn and i were suffering from the winter blues the last couple weeks.  i had a rough second week of the new year because of the passing of my grandmother, so i ended up going home for five days for the funeral.  but our life goes on here in durango, and despite feeling a little bummed for the last few weeks we have accomplished a lot.

building the front porch roof

matt nailing the osb to the roof framing
before going home björn and matt built the front porch roof and the boys put up the house wrap and ice and water shield.  house wrap is a pretty interesting material.  it protects the exterior sheathing of the house from moisture while still allowing water vapor to move to the exterior to dry out.  Big Sky R Control provided us with the house wrap as part of the SIP package, which was pretty awesome.  the ice and water shield made by tamko is a product that is applied to the roof to create a rubberized water barrier.  with that installed björn and i both felt that the weather was free to do whatever it wanted, we were dried in!

house wrap

björn heating the ice and water shield so that it will adhere properly

the day i left to go home to maryland we received our window order, these came from sierra pacific out of washington state.  before leaving for the airport we installed a few windows which was very exciting.  i was convinced that a divided light window was the way to go for our house.  we wanted to make sure the house had a traditional feel that was still very clean lined and simple.

putting in the first window- the dining room- applying caulk and flashing

after making sure the window is square and level björn screws the frame to the house

the view from the inside with our happy divided lights

flashing goes on the exterior of the frame as well

next is the transom window

while i was in maryland and björn was at work our awesome guys installed the rest of the windows, so that when we returned it was to a dry house.

we are well on our way to a real house!

with the windows installed and the house dried in we are now able to turn on our little propane heater and the house gets very comfortable to work in which is very nice!   i have more to update you on but that will have to wait for friday!

thank you to everyone who has asked about the blog in the last week, it makes me so happy to know that you guys find this interesting.  and i hope that i can get back into the groove of updating you on what we are up to out here in durango we are going to be getting into some very exciting things soon and i hope that you will continue to be interested!

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  1. Love the windows! Especially the transom! Cool!



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